Vincenzo Randazzo is a Ph.D. student at the Politecnico of Turin on the topic Offline and online neural networks applied to pattern recognition of big data and IoT (Internet of Things) sensors data. He graduated cum laude at Università  degli Studi di Palermo in Computer Engineering. Among the others, his works have been published at Neural Networks journal and at IJCNN2015, WIRN2016, WIRN2017, WIRN2018, SAS2018, IJCNN2018. His current research interests include neural networks, data analysis, pattern recognition, diagnosis of nonlinear system, electrical drives, medical and biomedical applications. He is an IEEE student member and the current treasurer of Politecnico di Torino IEEE Student Branch. He is also the student representative both into the IEEC Doctoral council and into the DET Department council. He has successfully participated to several programs about innovation, both as a mentor and as a student, such as EIA2017 and Innovation For Change 2017. He has also won a grant from the DIGEP department called “Technology transfer: prototyping and business development activities in entrepreneurship start-up programs” to foster innovation and entrepreneurship culture among young talented.