This research program has the goal of monitoring the state of a battery.  The first approach deals with a car battery (12V).

Several parameters are considered:

  • Voltage: total voltage, voltages of individual cells, minimum and maximum cell voltage of periodic taps;
  • Temperature: average temperature, coolant intake temperature, coolant output temperature,  or temperature of individual cells;
  • State of Charge (SOC) or Depth of Discharge (DOD): indicate the charge level of the battery;
  • State of Health (SOH): a variously-defined measurement of the overall condition of the battery;
  • Coolant flow: for air or fluid cooled batteries;
  • Current: current in or out of the battery.

Some communication systems are used to check these parameters using external devices, wired and wireless. Data coming from different batteries, different working conditions and different life, are collected and analysed to evaluate the battery state.