Here are remarkable patents that Neuronica Lab has been obtaining till now:
  • PASERO E., RICCARDI M, MEINDL T. (2004). A multi-frequency capacitive measurement device and a method of operating the same. EP1637875(A1).
  • PASERO E., MEINDL T., OMEDE’ M., MONIACI W. (2005). Endoscope with a digital view system such as a digital camera. 06008342.5.
  • SETARO M., SPARAVIGNA A., PASERO E., RICCARDI M. (2006). Device and method for determining a personalized sun exposure program. 05110161.6-2217.
  • MAROTTA G., PASERO E. Voltage-current conversion circuit employing MOS transistor cells as synapses of neural network. Patent USA n. 5,704,014.
  • IMONDI, MAOTTA, PASERO, SAVARESE Integrated circuit with non-volatile, variable resistor, for use in neuronic network. Patent USA n. 5,457,771.
  • PASERO E., Caffarelli F. Wearable device for the acquisition of electrocardiographic signals (ECG). IT201600104297A1.