The purpose of the thesis is to develop an algorithm that is able to calculate the oxygen saturation within the blood and the heart rate using a reflectance sensor produced by Maxim which will in the future be mounted on an object similar to a wristwatch. The device in question will therefore be wearable and comfortable and will also have other non-invasive sensors aimed at detecting a large number of vital parameters. The choice of the watch was made in such a way as to make the object light, and that it does not create clutter to be used in everyday life. This device allows ample freedom in carrying out any activity and is designed to remotely monitor the condition of a person. The sensor used is the MAX30102 from maxim while the microcontroller is the cc2650 from Texas Instrument. As previously mentioned, the device will also have an analog temperature sensor, a humidity sensor and a chip that contains a magnetometer a gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer. The system also contains a bluetooth module for sending data from the sensors to a smartphone app in order to facilitate the user’s convenience.

AUTHOR: Aldo Guadalupi

ADVISORS: Eros Gian Alessandro Pasero, Vincenzo Randazzo

DEGREE COURSE: Master’s Degree in Electronic Engineering

ACADEMIC YEAR: 2017/2018