An Airport Winter Information System should strongly improve the management of winter weather events, such as control of pavements conditions, airport-area conditions assessment, passengers safety, global air traffic efficiency. These potential advantages will have been verified in Turin airport for three years by the time the project will end. The final AWIS goal shall be the studio of a prototype system to be used in any airport.

Knowledge obtained by AWIS project experience shall be profitable for each active member also. The new techniques studied to improve the behavior of the pavement during winter stress will be used by Brillada Company, for example, for similar applications. The knowledge of the behavior of these pavements with rain, ice and snow and the techniques used to optimize the de-icing treatments will be an improvement for Gilettasystems. Politecnico Neuronica Lab Group and EnviSens Technologies will manage a relevant and significant platform where their weather forecast and surveillance systems will be tested.

Torino airport will be the first in Europe to benefit by a global information system for winter emergencies, on the wake of the experience started with the Winter Olympic Games.