Android based Temperature Humidity Sensor

ThermoUC is a complete extensive device designed to monitor and log data about relative humidity and temperature of four separate rooms. The whole system, which is mainly composed by four parts, is designed to perform both an online realtime monitoring, both an offline analysis of data coming from the sensors: in particular the realtime monitoring function is entrusted to an Android device, that interfaces with the developed bluetooth sensor, logs all the received data to an internal SDCard, by associating the local GPS position and sends data to a remote server that stores and keeps available to authorized clients these data for offline analysis.

The board is equipped by a Ultra Low Power microcontroller MSP430 series, which communicates with four temperature and humidity sensors made by Sensirion connected via an I2C multiplexed bus. Data are sent via Bluetooth connectivity offered by a Free2Move bluetooth antenna. The board is designed and optimized for very low power consumption to grant high uptime and reliability.