The work of this thesis concerned two mobile Android applications: PulsEcg and EcgMed. PulsEcg is an application capable of acquiring the user’s electrocardiogram and photoplethysmography from a device that, in the future, will be a smartwatch. It also calculates heart rate, oxygen saturation and systolic and diastolic pressure. EcgMed was created starting from PulsEcg by removing some features, allowing you to acquire the electrocardiogram and calculate the heart rate. In the first phase of the thesis, a reorganization of the code was carried out on both applications in order to make it maintainable and organized, based on the most modern programming patterns. Furthermore, a redesign work has made it possible to make applications more user-friendly through a simple and intuitive graphic interface that guides the user during navigation. Still working on both applications, new features have been added; in particular: an algorithm has been implemented to show the acquisition of the electrocardiogram in real time and an algorithm capable of obtaining the graph of the average heartbeat from the electrocardiogram.

AUTHORS: Giuseppe Como, Andrei Stefan Schiopu

ADVISORS: Eros Gian Alessandro Pasero, Vincenzo Randazzo

DEGREEC COURSE: Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering

ACADEMIC YEAR: 2021/20222