Scientific Management

Scientific management team that is working on AWIS project is composed by a National Research Institute, Politecnico di Torino, that is also the promoting body. In 2006 Professor Pasero, working in DELEN, was the promoting figure of SIRWEC, the main international conference dealing with road and airport winter-maintenance and AWIS project has been figured out since then.

There are several Departments that join AWIS:

  • DELEN (Electronics Dep., meteorological sensors and nowcasting skills)
  • DIMEC (Mechanics Dep., vehicle-mechanics modelling skills)
  • DITIC (Transports and Civil Infrastructure Dep., street paving skills)

The team is composed also by some companies:

GILETTA S.p.A. is an important Italian company, producing spreaders and snow equipments for highways and airports. EnviSens Technologies S.r.l. is a Politecnico spin-off that is operating towards technological solutions engineering for environmental and civil safety fields. Brillada Company S.n.c. is a qualified Italian company, working in mapping out roads and road-pavements laying. Such a team organization is turning out AWIS optimal both for HW/SW systems technical-competences (private companies and Politecnico research groups) and for the expert scientific management (Politecnico professors).