THOR is one of the applied research projects included in the Automotive Platform of the Piedmont Region and is dedicated to the development of a small electric engine vehicle. The systems for the cars of the future are the result of complementary technologies, the integration of which requires a specific effort (not enough improvements that in each case the companies have to do, but new solutions). The proposed project involves the development of systems to electric mobility enablers such as:

  • Integrated Powertrain: engine – power electronics -gear – differential – system control delivery of power (the heart of the proposal)
  • Battery Management Systems
  • Bidirectional systems on board the vehicle for the exchange of energy with the network
  • Management Systems photovoltaic panels on board the vehicle with integrated electronics
  • Charging Dock slow and fast solar parks
  • Development of handling systems ( integrated into the powertrain) specific for electric vehicles
  • Implementation of innovative products in the types of vehicles produced in the Region
  • Putting into operation of a small fleet of electric vehicle applications with a high level of visibility
  • Development of ICT for remote management of vehicles and fleets (car / bike sharing, car pooling, …)


  • 3 large enterprises with production located in piedmont (a chain with more than 10,000 employees)
  • Strategic partnership with leading Italian company in the semiconductors
  • 5 departments of the Politecnico
  • Collaboration with universities and research centers Piedmont
  • Group of SMEs already active in the field and partners European research projects advanced