Mobile devices specially smartphones and tablets can be used to monitor and alarm quality of life parameters. These days mobile devices use embedded sensors such as:

  • Accelerometers
  • Compasses
  • GPSs
  • Microphones, and 
  • Cameras

These sensors are applied without considering, for example, the air quality or the pollutants of the environment. This part of project is focused on studing on the possibility to use the smartphones capabilities to gather data from other phones or sensors. Todays, monitoring climate condition’s parameters such as temperature and humidity is a prominent factor to control the changes of the environmental condition of living or working places for the human being specially office, home and hospital.

The electronic circuit of the Bluetooth-based temperature and humidity acquisition system

This point can be obtained by using distributed devices in different environments that containing high-resolution sensors and a wireless transmission apparatus for transferring data to smartphones.

The bigger prototype of electronic circuit of the Bluetooth-based temperature, humidity and presure acquisition system

The Bluetooth was chosen as a transmission tool since it is embedded in all smartphones and it can work in the absence of the Wi-Fi connection. Smartphones are the programmable tools to have different kinds of applications that allow communicating with other devices and also gathering, analyzing and verifying data.

In this part of the project, a novel interface by applying a Bluetooth-based sensor to sense Temperature and Humidity for monitoring of the environmental conditions using the android-based smartphone is applied.